About Me

First off, welcome to my site. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Nick Acott, and put simply, I have a passion for photography.

Soon after picking up my first DSLR I soon realised that I had an deep-rooted love of the art of photography, whether it was capturing that one perfect moment on a special day, experimenting with different technologies and techniques to get the perfect shot or simply, having fun behind the view-finder. My passion for stills photography is only really matched by a long-standing interest in film production, and with that in mind, I soon found myself making the move in to unit stills photography.

With experience on numerous sets and productions under my belt, knowing what is needed from my role and most importantly, being in sync with the director’s vision, is second nature. Because of course, that rapport between everyone, both in front and behind of the camera is vital to achieve that perfect shot.

I think it’s safe to say I’m never more than a few feet away from my trusty Canon DLSR, I’m always on hand to capture that one shot, for promotional material, for art-work, even just to keep a record of the production.
Possessing a keen eye and a can-do and committed attitude, I’m always in the right place at the right time to get that one shot your production needs.

Anyway, enough about me, it’s time to show you some of my work.
Check out my FILM STILLS GALLERY here.

And when I’m not on set, I’m still behind the lens doing commercial, events and headshot photography too. Check out the links to my COMMERICIALand EVENTS  here.

Oh, and while I’m here, I might as well tell you about my other passion, film making. When I’m not out on set viewing the world through a lens or sitting in front of Photoshop editing, I spend my time as part of a London-based film-making team on YouTube called The Sneaky Zebra. What do we do? Well, we create fun, geeky and basically awesome little short films and spoofs. Why not click the buttongs at the bottom right of this page to see what I’m talking about?

(The beard is optional!) 


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