Good Start to 2013

So 2013's been off to a busy start which is always a good sign, I thought I'd give you a little idea on what I've been working.

On set stills for Georgin Higgin's short "The Drive-Thru" I'll be posting up some of the stills on here soon but for now you can see some of my handy work on the poster.

"Chris and Darren are two best friends from a small town outside London who’s ordinary life has become a boring routine. They are motivated to reignite their life from an old high school friend who contacts them for a glamorous night in Central London. Just minutes into their night out in the city Chris and Darren soon discover that their friend is in deep trouble and they attempt a quick get away. Thrown into a car chase one stupid act ends them where they began. "

I'm also finishing stills from a shoot with Upen Patel that took place towards the end of 2012. An original short film from Upen shot on a RED Epic and has Helen Flanagan as the lead actress. Some great shots from both of them over the two day's worth of filming.

I've also put my Cosplay photography gallery live too so if anyone is interested in commissioning a photographer for one please get in touch.

On my filming side - we're going to be announcing a Kickstarter campaign for a fan film, it's a large project for us but it's based on a comic that I'm very passionate about. Here's a (undoubtedly large) hint for now: I am the law.

So coming up next I've been booked to do some stills photography (mainly promo side) for an animated film but very excited as it'll be a chance to meet a few actors from Doctor Who (old school) - I'll be posting more up on this in the next few weeks.

Thats all for now folks.


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