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10 Ways To Put Your Best Face Forward

Presenting you best self can aid you in all the aspects of your life. If you are tired of your old self and feel uncomfortable about it, then it is time to do something new that will help you to put your best face forward by presenting yourself in a whole new beautiful look.

In order to make yourself beautiful and present the best of you, you must follow some tips.

1. Clean your face

When you have a clean and healthy looking skin you will be more confident. To get a healthy and clean skin you have to first determine what you skin type is. Then take action by choosing appropriate products. A good strategy to do so is to develop a skin care routine. The routine should be suitable for your skin type. You can use a gentle cleanser twice a week in order to exfoliate facial scrubs. Moisturizing is also very important. Use moisturizer daily. Avoid harsh products and be gentle to your skin.

2. Total Lip Care

A beautiful lip will add an extra portion of beauty to your face. When you have a soft and plump pout, it will surely make your face more beautiful. On the other hand, dry and chapped lips make you look scruffy.  Use moisturizer to make your lips soft. Sometime exfoliate your lips with lip scrub. Avoid smoking and drinking. To get pinkish lips, use honey and milk on lips every night before going to bed.

3. Shaping Eyebrows

Do not neglect your eye area. Shape up your messy eyebrows. Plucking is the easiest and most affordable way to shape your eyebrows. Be careful while plucking and use mirror to make sure that you are doing it right. You can also try threading to shape up your eyebrows. Do not make your brows too thin.4. Proper Hairstyle Pair your look with a perfect haircut. A bad hair can ruin your entire look. Always brush and comb hair. Use bobby pins and clips to tie your hair. A messy hair is a minus for the overall look.

5. Toning Your Skin

Use concealer or BB cream to cover up the blemishes and dark spots on your skin. Do not get a white cast by using excessive amounts of foundation. Tone your skin so that it will look natural.

6. Using Proper Makeup

In makeup, always remember that less is more. Use mascara to make your eyes look bigger. While applying mascara, give two coats on your upper lashes. Curl your eyelashes to make them look longer and curly. Use blushes on your face, but make sure the chosen color matches the color of your cheeks. You can use a fluffy brush for applying the blush. Use a suitable lip color that matches your outfit and look.

7. Stay hydrated

Always keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Water can replenish your skin and keep your skin moisturized internally.

8. Beautiful Smile

Make sure that your teeth are perfectly clean. A smile is the thing that can make your face look more beautiful than it usually is. That’s why keep your teeth pearly white. Brush your teeth regularly. Don’t forget to floss too. Smile a lot and believe in yourself.

9. Eat Healthy Diet

You diet should be enriched with healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grain, salmon, tuna etc. Don’t jump into fad diet or don’t lean on junk foods and fizzy drinks.

10. Exercise

Exercise regularly as a sound body is always required. Exercising will improve your blood flow and skin’s elasticity.

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